Hi there!

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for demonstrating the honesty and integrity that I look for in any company I work with for my own personal properties and for the ones I manage and over see maintenance on. 

I've worked with my fair share of roofing companies over the last few years and certainly had plenty of interactions with roofing companies after the hail storm. Out of all (and I've probably had interactions with more than half of the roofing companies in the area over the last 10 months so) you all have been the easiest to work with and most pleasant to work with. 

I've sent you all to a few properties where other roofing companies have said it needed a new roof and would cost thousands and you all go out and give me the real honest answer with pictures. You all are also the only company that provides me with photos. The photos never contradict with what you propose either. 

Roofing work is hit or miss so I apologize if work is inconsistent but I have moved you all up to my primary roofing company. 

I look forward to sending more work your way! 

Thanks! - Kandra A.

Very impressed with Diamond Roofing with there customer Service from there project managers to everyone I have had contact with in the office. They have helped me out with multiple projects with many properties and each is the same. There details there documentation along with photos. And follow through beginning to end has been great. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to. 
Thank you Diamond Roofing - Jamie R.

I use this company in my day to day business affairs and would highly recommend them to anyone! They are very positive, professional, organized people and run their business in the same manner! They always have an answer for my numerous questions and are willing to help in any way possible at any time! I have never had a complaint about the work they have done for me. They handle a high volume of work with ease and in a very timely manner. If you are looking for a professional local business I would say call Diamond! - B.G.

The best choice in a roofing company. From the beginning, when I requested a quote through thumbtack, the salesman stayed in contact with me continuously, before and during replacement of roof. Made me feel comfortable and I trusted him and staff. The roofers were quick and efficient. They were done in one day. No mess was left behind. Beautiful Job. I highly recommend this company. I did research on line before I choose this company and they are legit. - Chrissy E.

EXCELLENT job! Diamond Roofing was GREAT to work with! We had a "tricky" situation: My mother had recently passed away and I wanted to replace the roof because they don't make T-Locks anymore plus, her house was still insured. I (and my family) was trying to sell the house. I sent numerous emails to get quotes. My mother's insurance company told me about Diamond Roofing who they had worked with in the past and that they were honest, trustworthy and did a good job. (Please note that insurance companies do NOT tell you who to choose!) When I explained my situation to ******, he first told me how sorry he was that my mother had passed. He worked with me and answered all of my questions. He gave me a VERY fair estimate and closely worked with State Farm. This was "tricky" because the house sold almost immediately and the roof hadn't been replaced yet! I paid half to get things started, and the remaining money was put into escrow to pay after the job was done. I live only three blocks from my mother's house so, I drove around to see the new roof. Once the weather permitted, the work was done in a DAY, and they did a BEAUTIFUL job! My husband has also worked in construction and he said they did an excellent job. I am sure that the new owners are pleased. I would recommend Diamond Roofing to anyone! They are so pleasant to work with and they live up to their promises. An A+++++ for this company! - Marianne L.

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